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i got sir'd

I got sir'd yesterday in the wrong inflection when I bought my paper shredder at Staples. You know how girls hate it when they're ma'am'd? The same goes for guys, save for the fact there is a right way and wrong way to say sir to a man.

Concerning girls, it's never proper to use ma'am. Ever. Ma'am instantly translates to "you're old" to a girl. I never address any woman as ma'am, but rather Miss.

With guys, there is a right way and a wrong way to use sir.

The vast majority of high school and college kids working in retail simply don't know how to use sir properly. They'll either use it at the wrong time, overuse it or say it in such a way that translates to "You annoy me. Go away."

I get irked by teens and tweens who sir me because they only do it to people outside of their age range - but the moment they serve someone in their age range, the attitude changes completely. The sirs and ma'ams disappear.

The worst offenders of sir are those who figuratively "put the blinders on" when it comes to serving customers. They turn into actors the moment you start speaking to them. You are not a person to them, but rather just another annoying customer.

Not all teens and tweens do this but a lot of them do. I don't get angry with them (unless they blatantly screw up) and I don't push any attitude.

But I do notice whenever I get sir'd the wrong way. If it happens enough times I'll go elsewhere to shop.

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