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i had no idea

Cool link of the moment: Florida Division of Recreation and Parks

Back in Connecticut I made it a point to visit as many state parks as I could before I left, with my personal favorite being Roseland in Woodstock Connecticut (see why here and here). I've been trying to find some good ones here in FL but the GPS hasn't pointed me towards any I really cared for.. so I decided to search for it, and -whammo- they have a whole web site dedicated towards just that. Every single one of them has a phyiscal address I can punch into the GPS so I can go check them out.

So today... is definitely a photo day. 😉 I'm hoping there are some close enough that don't charge to get in the gate.

One more note, CT also has a site listing all their parks too, however, quite a few of them are missing from the Windham County region. I know for a fact there's way more than three. (grin)

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