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i know when not to look

Make no mistake, there is a lot of sick crap on the internet. Stuff that will stick in your mind for days.. if not weeks.

Recently I was exposed to one of those shock videos. And no, I will not link it. 🙂 Let's just say I didn't get past the first 15 seconds.

These days whenever there's some shock-thing going around the internet I am content to live with the mystery and just simply don't look. I don't care if it's a photo, video or whatever it is because my eyes won't gaze upon the disgust of the internet.

In the past I wasn't like this. Periodically I would seek the gross-out stuff just for the OMG factor, like the very-old-school Goatse. And seriously.. who hasn't seen Goatse by now? If you're one of the rare few who haven't, I'll tell you right now that if you have a weak stomach - DON'T watch it. The link I gave doesn't go to it but gives a history of what it's about.

Anyway, as I said above I was exposed to yet another one of those shock-vids and absolutely stopped after 15 seconds. Years ago I would have made myself watch it all the way thru, because darn it, I'm not a wuss.

These days I will say "Yes, I am a wuss and there's crap that grosses me out and I'm not a-gonna watch it, so there." I am not ashamed to admit it and if it makes me a wuss, so be it; I don't care. 😛

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