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I love salsa

Being that tonight is positively boring, I will just write about stuff in general.

My sister has been staying with the family for the past few days. She left last night. This time around she did not touch too much of my stuff.. but I did notice that there was hair in the shower drain (argh), my shampoo/conditioner bottles both felt really light (argh!) and the shower head was on the wrong setting even after I told her to put it back the way it was when she's done in there (ARRHGHGHH!!!) Small annoyances, I know this. But they add up. I swear to God the next time she comes over I'm taking all my toiletries out of there and just putting them in a box to be used when needed until she leaves.

I found salsa in the fridge. Yesssss... I love salsa. And there were some bite-size Tostitos left also.. awesome. Killed that salsa with a vengeance! (grin)

Recently I bought the OT (Original Theatrical) version of the Star Wars trilogy on eBay. The seller e-mailed me and asked if I would also like the 3 "Special Edition" VHS's as well for an extra 8 bucks. Nice of him to ask. I replied and basically said "Nope. Already got 'em". (grin) Additionally I also bought an "anamorphic" DVD set of the OT's. It's coming from Hawaii so I don't know how long that will take to get here. Maybe 8 or 9 days. I dunno.

In addition to all this Star Wars geekiness going on I happened to stumble upon the web site. There's some pretty cool stuff in there if you're into Star Wars at all. My personal favorite on that site is the Curse of the Blue Lightsaber which follows along loosely with the Curse of the Red Shirt (meaning: in nearly every episode [i think] of the original Star Trek, anyone wearing a red shirt was killed off).

My pop's job is safe for the time being (thank God). I had a phone conversation with him earlier and it seems that everything is okay - for the time being. Seriously though, I was really worried about it. I mean, he's my pop. Of course I worry about the guy. (grin)

There was a php bug thing in the code which I fixed. All pages now load normally.

At work today I created a new favicon.ico for this site. Those using Firefox will see this where the web address loads.

At werk, this week is another short week because of New Year's, so tomorrow is my Friday. Cool. Oh, special happy note (for me): the direct deposit went through without a hitch and is now transferring to my checking account properly. Very cool because I HATE CHECKS, truly I do.

I have been noticing that my credit card company has been taking a very long time to process the checks I send to them. It used to be that within five days after I mailed a check it was processed. Now it takes up to 7 to 10 days to process(?) Weird. Or maybe not weird. I notice that when I send smaller payments of under one hundred bucks it's processed quickly. Anything over that (more or less) and it takes 7 to 10 days. I mean, it's not like they have to wait for the check to clear or anything like that. They should know by now that my checks are good..? I dunno.

Such is life.


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