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i struck a chord

This story is going to be half YouTube/Google crapola, half music, both related. Confused? Probably. But I'll continue anyway.

After seemingly forever, in September I finally got things straightened out with my Google AdSense account. Something wonked out with the AdSense Account/Google Account transition, my account was all messed up, but I did get it fixed. Yee-haw.

In October I applied in an attempt to become a YouTube partner user because since I had my AdSense fixed up I could finally go for it. Denied. Why? Because I had two copyright "strikes" against me - from 2007. Yes, strikes that are almost 4 years old at this point and they prevent me from being a partner user. Google/YouTube gives absolutely no instructions on how to get these strikes removed, and I wasn't about to go digging for the answer because it took long enough just to get my AdSense crapola fixed.

Even though I have 850+ subscribers, I decided to say screw it and start over with another channel I've had since '06. It has no copyright strikes.

At this point I had to find a way to notify my subs on my old channel that I had a new one, so I decided to do up a "power metal" song:

My goal was to do something really big and bombastic. A form of rock music called "power metal" is the way to go when you want to do this. I know how to do it fairly well. The key is to just sound big, as in cinematic. Big drums, big chords, "epic" sounding stuff, etc.

What you hear above took me an hour-ish of fiddling around with a riff, 30-ish minutes of synth programming and another 30-ish to record and post. Roughly 2 or 2.5 hours total. Something like that. I was very happy with the end result because yes, it did sound ginormous.

I purposely put the title of the vid IN ALL CAPS and included the word EPIC for extra effect.

The comments received actually surprised me. All positives and no negatives so far. That's rare for YouTube. Also I pulled over 85 subscribers in less than 3 days. Cool. Very cool indeed. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll have 100 before the end of November. Hopefully 200.

I guess I kinda forgot that a ton of movies and video games these days use music like this, so I figuratively and literally struck a very good chord there.

YouTube only allows you to apply for partner user once every two months, so what I'm hoping is to have 500 subs before that point, or if I do really good, 1000. When you crack the 1000 sub mark, that gets attention.

The reason I never got to 1000 with my old channel is because I only posted there when I felt like it and didn't really have any goal with it to begin with. With the one I'm using now I do have a goal. It's going to be all music or music related and videos will come a lot more often, If all goes well I'll crack that 1000 and get approved as a partner. That would be extremely cool. Or maybe I'll get partner even with under 1000. Guess I'll find out soon enough.


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