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i thought that i would go out of my mind until a friend told me the news

Title of this entry comes from a song by the weird one. Yeah I know I've mentioned that song here before, but never in an entry title. 🙂


Down safe

I'll give a dollar* to anyone who can name the movie where the above line comes from.

I successfully transferred all the data from the Maxtor 160GB to the Hitachi 120GB. As far as I can tell everything went smoothly so I'm happy about that. The 120 works fine, is quieter and seems to access data faster. I may have lost 40GB of storage space but at least I have some assurance (hopefully) that my data will be safe for a while.. unless the drive decides to burst into flames.. which would look cool at first until the smoke detector goes off.. followed by a bout of depression that would last a few weeks knowing I lost over 100GB of stuff I wanted to save. But I don't think that will happen. 🙂

* I lied. I won't give you a dollar.


That's no moon...

Last week I bought the re-released (yet again) editions of the original Star Wars Trilogy (that's episode IV, V and VI, the ones that count). These DVD's include the orignal theatrical releases in addition to the cleaned-up versions. I was happy to get it. Each was $19.99.

Dream situation: I hope one day to find a hot girl who is totally into Star Wars. That would rock. I'd probably marry her. 🙂

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