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I uninstalled Chrome

I have officially uninstalled Chrome off my both my desktop and netbook. After using the browser thoroughly for a while I gave it the boot because it just wasn't living up to expectations.

When I tell you what made me ultimately decide to uninstall that browser, you're not gonna like it.

It was because of IE8.

The reason I started using IE8 again was so I could write up some posts on how much it sucks. Yes, really. But ironically IE8 proved itself to be pretty good and ultimately led me to dump Chrome altogether.

Chrome's only feature that I will truly miss is the ability to grab a tab and drag it outside the browser into a separate window and back again. Other than that there's really nothing I miss about it.

And here's something you're not gonna like either:

There's no one thing Chrome does that's notably better than IE8.

If you said pages load faster in Chrome, you're only basing that off the benchmarks you've read about the browser, when in fact that in practical use the speed is the same.

If you said Chrome is more secure, no it isn't. It's on par with IE8 but doesn't exceed it in practical use.

If you said Chrome separates tab as individual instances of the executable, so does IE8.

If you said Chrome is more configurable, that's absolutely false. See "Advanced" in Internet Options for IE8 and tell me if Chrome has all that stuff. It doesn't.

If you said, "I like the developer's window in Chrome", hit F12 in IE8 and watch what happens.

I mean, seriously, there is no one thing Chrome does any better than IE8.

Do you want to know the latest "feature" the Chrome team has come up with? Autofill. Yeah, laugh at that, because it is laughable considering IE has had that for years. What was it called again..?


Oh, that's right, AutoComplete. Geez, nice way to "innovate", Chrome team. What's next, caret browsing? IE and Firefox have both had that for years too, so you might as well steal another play from their books.

Watch the Autofill video in the link above, and stare blankly in shock as Google tries to convince you that this is some wonderful new feature that other browsers have had forever. IT'S JUST PLAIN SAD.


Right now I only have two browsers installed, IE8 and Firefox. I only keep Firefox because there are specific extensions I need it for, but Chrome is gone.

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