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i3 "big" upgrade

i3 As I mentioned in my last post I received the City Select NT v7 DVD from Garmin which is what my little i3 needed (seen right).

The old microSD card was a bit messed up but I was able to get so it loaded just Florida. Then I went out for a spin and yep, she still works. Very cool.

I picked up a 2GB microSD card so I could load the entire data set into the i3. Turns out I didn't need 2GB; I could have gotten away with just a 1GB card. But whatever, no big deal.

As I write this I'm loading the data on the i3. It's taking forever to finish but it's typical for it to take a long time when loading an entire data set. After this is completed I'll never have to load anything on to it again. I have no intention of upgrading the maps because this is going to be a backup unit only.

If you happen to own an i2, i3 or i5 you can do the same upgrade. A 1GB or 2GB microSD card is cheap. You just click it in, load the data and that's that.

It's a pity Garmin doesn't make GPS units anymore that run on 2 AA batteries like this one does. Very convenient. With GPS mode in "Normal" you can use this thing for 6 hours straight. Not bad a'tall.

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