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i'm 37, i'm not old

The title of this bloggo is a line from a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where Dennis the constitutional peasant gets upset about being called old even though he's only 37, among other things.

On Tuesday, I turn 37. That's not old and not middle aged, but it's well established that I am absolutely not part of the young generation.. yet I still get called "kid" by some people. I was even called a kid by someone who was barely into their 40s a few months ago. My thought was, "You're not even 5 years old than I am, and you think I'm a kid? Seriously?"


Something that did truly make me feel old is that I've been watching a lot of The Kids In The Hall episodes on Netflix recently. In that show, you see life as it was when the show was made. No beepers, no cell phones, very few computers seen (usually only in office sketches, unless it was a Cathie and Kathy sketch where they were actually on typewriters).

When did KITH originally air? This one shocked me a little. Five seasons comprising of 111 episodes from 1988 to 1995. This means the first episode of KITH aired 24 years ago.

When watching KITH, I'm constantly thinking, "Geez, look at all that outdated 90s style stuff going on", but back then that was all modern.

Oh, and I should mention that all the KITH original members are ages 49 to 52 now. Yeah. Think about that one for a moment.

As I've said before, my generation is the last to know what life was like B.I. (Before Internet). I didn't go online with internet until I was 21 years old, so pretty much everything B.I. to a kid today is The Long Time Ago Where People Did Things Different.

In the way I do things, I use a blend of old and new and utilize whatever is most efficient. A simple example of this is that I do use a to-do list app in my email for long term stuff, but for short term stuff like a shopping list, that's written down by hand.

Anyway, I don't feel old. I'll be 37 on Tuesday. Yay.

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