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I'm a wireless hubbin' fool

Today is my first experience using wireless internet. I bit the bullet and spent 65 bucks on a Linksys wireless router. I decided to go with "G" band because evidently that's the best one out there right now as far as I know. It's best because it's the fastest.

First things first to anyone wanting to delve into the world of home broadband wireless, you've GOT to secure your router first or else all your neighbors will be getting free internet off of you (it happens, trust me). Knowing this, the first thing I did was lock down my router with WPA and a key. It is now a "secured connection" so no one will be able to scarf my bandwidth.

Honestly, I thought internet would be slower on wireless. It's not. I don't even notice a difference at all.. using any (repeat: any) of my applications. Whether it's browsing, ICQ, FTP'ing or whatever, there is actually no difference at all. As a matter of fact, in some instances it actually seems faster. Maybe my old CAT-5 cable wasn't too great? I dunno. All I know is that this is just plain frickin' cool.

Now whenever I take a dump I can bring the laptop with me to the privy and surf whilst I crap. How cool is that. Maybe I'm doing that right now. . . doesn't that put a great image in your head?

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