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I'm Inspiron'd!

I ordered a new Dell Inspiron 6000 a few days ago. Should be arriving in a few weeks once it finished being built (custom order). The decision has been made that yes, I will be switching full-time to a laptop instead of a normal tower computer. Regular readers here have heard off and on that I was trying to create a small PC. I searched into using Mini-ITX mainboards and other small form factor means of creating and using a smaller computer. Unfortunaetly the plain fact of the matter is that smaller = slower, something I definitely don't want.

The best small computer to this day is still the laptop (or notebook or whatever you want to call it). I researched many different small form factors, and the laptop is the best way to go small when it comes to computers you can actually use (that's the key word there).

Cool thing about Dell's: When outfitted with a Dell Coupon Code, you can get new laptops cheap these days. Even without the coupon code you can buy a new laptop for under $650.00 - something unheard of even as little as two years ago. This translates to somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 bucks a month if you finance it (and yes I financed mine). So if you're in the market for a laptop, why wouldn't you get one? The prices are the lowest they've ever been.

It will be very nice when I get the new laptop. Bye-bye bulky tower, hello slim'n'trim laptop. Having that extra desk space will be super cool, no doubt about it. 😉 The fact I can bring the computer places is also very good.

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