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I'm just all phpBB'ized now.. boo-yah

WELL.. after reading this I tried to see if I could convert my comment system to phpBB.

Mission successful.

I have dumped TypeKey as fast as I signed up for it, more or less. I just really don't like it when you have to host any "feature" of your site on another site. To me that makes no sense. What if that other site goes down? THEN what do you do? Nothin', that's what. You're screwed.

In addition to that, I have always liked phpBB. I've been using it since version 2.04. Well programmed software, great community support all around. Granted, it has had its fare share of bugs over the years, but, they have all been attended to quickly so I really can't complain about it. While it takes other software programmers months to release a patch, the phpBB team usually has any major patches deployed in record time, so kudos to them.

So anyway, from a nerdy/geeky/whatever point of view, this is nothing but cool. I now have my favorite bbs and my favorite blog system combined into one (sorta kinda but good enough).

Oh, and I was able to get it to work with MT 3.16. Cool beans.

I still have some minor cosmetic crap to work out but it does work and works very well.

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