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I'm switching to gecko!

Up until last week my car insurance was on my pop's plan - not by choice. Here was the reason: I called Geico several months ago. Unfortunately I had no working history with them, so they instructed me to do the following: Sign on to my pop's plan (who already has a Geico account), stick with it for at least 6 months, then call back - the rate will be lower than if you get it right now. So I said "okay whatever" and played the waiting game.

Six months went by. I totally forgot about it.

Another few months went by. I finally remembered to do it.

I called Geico back and got my own policy. While I was getting my policy with the Geico dude on the phone, I told him how they told me to wait and get to policy later and whatever and the guy completely agreed. He said it was a very smart move to get a working history first before applying for the policy. What Geico said was true before, it did save me a few bucks.

My savings was close to 100 bucks per cycle (as in every 6 months). Not too bad. It's cheaper than I had it previously. That's almost 200 bucks a year I don't have to spend.

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