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I'm the tortoise

Around half past 10 o'clock this morning my broadband internet decided to stop working. I thought it might have been my router but then I noticed the cablemodem itself had no signal. I called the cable company and they said that everything was fine on their end, but for some reason they absolutely could not reach my cablemodem. I asked if I had done anything wrong which violated the terms of service and they said nope, I was okay and hadn't done anything to raise any red flags. If I did, they would have told me. I've only been shut off one time previously and that was before I had a router, which was a loooooong time ago.

The tech support people checked and re-checked, forced off the account and forced it on again but no dice. I said okay, I'll go buy another cablemodem. Maybe it died.

About an hour later I come back with a new cablemodem, called up tech support to activate it and no dice. Same problem.

A tech will be coming to the house Monday to check it out. Yeah. Monday. I'll be without broadband for about three days. This means my Vonage phone is out of commission until then and my online experience will be at snail speeds.

Right now I'm using my backup dial-up account to check e-mail and do things with this site and whatever. It sucks, but I can muddle along. Minor inconvenience at best.

Fortunately I'll be moving soon, so even if my broadband doesn't get fixed, it will be very short-lived because I'll have a new broadband provider soon enough.

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