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I'm trendy and didn't even know it

Per a few articles I've been reading recently about how microblogging is a totally uncool thing now (geez no kidding because it always sucked), the "in" thing is to be a internet social recluse. I'm going to have to spell out what that means because it's screwed up in the way it works - although I totally understand it.

Being an internet recluse does not mean completely hiding yourself while online. It means that you pick and choose your communities carefully and completely avoid all share-friendly stuff. This means no Facebook, no MySpace, no Twitter. In other words, go back to exactly the way things used to be in 2005 - but blog.

Well son-of-a-gun I've been pretty much doing that right along.

Yep, I'm totally Mr. Cool Guy now.

Nah, not really. 🙂

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