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Sis arrived safely back in Massachusetts on Sunday. She was supposed to have a short layover in LGA then proceed to BOS, but it didn't quite turn out that way.

She arrives at LGA then finds out there's a four-hour layover time before the next flight out to BOS.

Yeah. Four hours. The official explanation was "heavy congestion". The real explanation was "We have too many planes and not enough runway."

Solution: Rent a car and drive to BOS, which is exactly what she did. The time it took to drive the distance? Two hours. And yeah, that's pretty sad when you can get there faster driving than flying.

Needless expense? Yep. But I would've done the exact same thing. Grab a rental, rent a GPS along with it, plug in LGA and just go. Kudos to sis for quick thinking.

i get an "A" for effortI've been making an effort to wean myself off of Monster Lo-Carb. The stuff is just too frickin' expensive even if you buy it by the case.

And just how much is a case? Thirty-eight bucks after tax.

Price per can individually? $2.75 to $3.10 after tax depending where you buy it.

So yes, the reason I'm making an effort to wean myself off this stuff is solely based on price, unfortunately.

What I've been drinking in mass quantities these days is Arizona Sweet Tea. A one-gallon jug of this stuff is the price of one can of Monster Lo-Carb. Tastes pretty good.

Several other Arizona teas are fairly cheap. You can get a big-ass can of it for 99ยข at just about any 7-Eleven. Pretty sure it's a 24-ounce can. It's big; that I know.

I find it interesting that Lo-Carb is the only carbonated drink I like. All other fizzy drinks don't set right with me. I either get really burpy and/or farty followed by things going on in my tummy that do not feel right. It's kind of like a really mild nausea. Lo-Carb is the only one that doesn't do that to me.

But alas, it's a-gonna send me to the poorhouse. That's why I'm drinking Arizona Sweet Tea now.

beyond the GPSPop and I had yet another discussion about GPS. We do this from time to time, because to this day both of us still marvel at how unbelievably well it works.

Not to toot my own horn too loud, but here's what I find amazing about myself concerning my travels:

I have traveled more new ground in one year than most people do in five. Possibly ten.

"New ground" is defined as places you have never been to. A long time ago when got my first mobile GPS I was amazed by how little I knew of my own home town. And seriously, I knew next to nothing. For years I went on the same roads, went to the same places and hardly ever did anything different. That all changed with GPS.

I suppose I made a subconscious vow that simply states..

"Go places."

..and I have. It's been fun, and I'm only getting started.

Yes, I wholly admit I'm a GPS whore. I love it and think everyone should have one. But more importantly, I use it to do what my subconscious told me to do: Go places.

I can't tell you how many times I've read blogs that say something like "Blah! This place sucks! I like where I live, but.. I want something new and don't know where to go!" Well then, what you need is a guide.

Get GPS. 'Nuff said.

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