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in limbo

I know there's going to be a few people that will freak out due to the fact the vast majority of peoples out there won't be able to "see" my new host yet. What will freak them out is the "There is no web site configured at this address" message.


Ah, don't worry. As you can see (eventually), it's here.

Inbetween writing some things for other projects, I surfed around the 'net and checked out some of those uppity broad blogs. You know, the kind where a girl thinks it's okay to be a bitter wench, gripe about everything, talk about her snot-filled public pooping pests (i.e. her kids), say something she thinks is witty about the government (but isn't), then pester people to buy her book.

One blogger I read today said something that actually is witty, which went something along the lines that if mommybloggers - as they are so called - didn't have kids, they'd have absolutely nothing to write about. Very true. Mommybloggers can't stop flappin' their gums about their kids.

Honestly, I feel so sympathetic for all these kids with bloggin' mommies, because one day those kids will realize than their entire lives are on the internet. The backlash of the kid-who-was-blogged-about by mommy has not occurred yet because the kids aren't old enough to realize how utterly embarrassing it is - but make no mistake, it will happen. Can you imagine the humiliation these kids will feel in school later in life? It's mind boggling. And of course, the mommies feel that they're doing absolutely nothing wrong by telling the entire world how their sons and daughters like to eat bugs. Oh no, that's totally not going to come back and bite them later. Shyeah, right.

I suppose we'll see the kids start blogging about how much their hate their mommyblogger parents. Wouldn't that be ironic. 🙂

Like I said, it will happen. You watch.

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