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Inside out

I looked at three properties today with Pop. The first one was kinda cool, it had a stream in the back and the front yard was nice looking too. The rooms were small though. The second house was on a forty-four acre plot. Lots of land there. Couldn't go inside the house because the owner said it wouldn't be ready to show until tomorrow (more on that in a moment). The third house was great but the basement was a nightmare. It was really old and you had to duck to walk down there. Scary.

The forty-four acre thing is an estate sale. That means someone died and the house has to be sold off. The house is really old and really big. On the outside it looks worn. The inside is probably not too much better, but it has the potential to be a cash cow considering the land it's on. The land is nice and flat and it's all grass. In addition there is waterfront on the far side of the lot. The land has the opportunity to be subdivided several times while still giving more than enough room to live otherwise. Each time a subdivision occurs it could mean some nice pocket change. 😉

Make no mistake, forty-four acres is huge. A golf course could easily fit on this plot (I think). I see dollar signs in my head when thinking of what I can do with that kind of acreage.

Hopefully the inside of the house will be inhabitable. The outside as I aforementioned is run down, but maybe the inside is in better shape. Or worse. I dunno.

The price is definitely right. The location is decent. Guess we'll see tomorrow what the inside brings.


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