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Inspiration found?

As I was digging through one of my moving totes unpacking my crap, I found my USB memory stick that contains my unfinished screenplay on it. It felt good to find that. It sent a little reminder to me You know, this may be your ticket... Hopefully I will get off my dead butt and just finish the damn thing.

I have been spending a lot of time holed up in my bedroom just click-clacking away on my laptop. I've done a lot of work on my biz site and I should have that ready for launch soon. Now that I've found my screenplay I also have something else to work on as well.

A few more notes on my whole site moving thing (yes I know I've wrote about that a lot, but that's what I feel like writing about right now so I'm a-gonna do it).

I find myself much more at peace having a site that absolutely none of my friends know about. It has definitely taken off a lot of stress. On my old site I would sometimes feel pressure to the tune of I wonder what my friends will think of this? I know, that's bad. And yes it did influence my writing. When you write you should write for you, not for someone else.

I've also noticed that in some instances I'm going back to the old way I used to write, which is ranty and nerdy. Either I'm ranting about something or I'm explaining in grotesque detail something computer related. I like that stuff, what can I say. The only thing that's changed is that when I do the computer writing crap I'm much more open about it. Sometimes I get really "techy", even to the point where a few readers would say something like I have absolutely no clue what this guy is talking about - and that's okay. There is some stuff here that only computer people would understand.

Off to do laundry, then it's either work on the biz site or (gasp) tackle the screenplay. Or sleep. 😉

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