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instant messengers suck

This is a post about instant messengers, not instant messaging (I could easily write a whole several-page-long diatribe about that, but we'll leave that for another day.)

For kicks today I decided to install the from-service instant messaging clients. I did The Big Three: AIM, Yahoo and Windows Live.

Why did I decide to do this?

The only (and I mean only) reason you would install a from-service IM client is to take advantage of all the features that particular service offers. For example, you can't use the Yahoo photo-sharing feature unless you use their client. Otherwise it's just text communication.

Each client still, to this day, completely sucks ass. For each one I used, the only emotion that accurately describes how I felt was "ticked off." The only thought was "This sucks."

Here's my review of each. One sucks least, the other somewhat and the last the most - but they all still suck.

Sucks Least: AIM

AIM is the lightest app of the bunch and by far the easiest to use. It's also got the best color choices for "skinning."

The only reason you would use this from-service messenger is for better cell phone integration, changing your "mood" and more ability to create your own custom buddy icon.

Verdict: No reason to use this. At all.

Sucks Somewhat: Windows Live Messenger

Even if you're running XP this messenger will force Vista-ish looking crap on you, meaning there are no menus at the top unless you know that by pressing ALT on your keyboard the menus will pop up.

Every "skin" for this messenger is either too bright, too light, too dark or too stupid.

Verdict: The only reason to use this is if you have an e-mail address than ends in, or Otherwise it's absolutely useless.

Sucks Most: Yahoo Messenger

The Yahoo Messenger used to be the best messenger, period. It used to be very EASY and FUN. Now it's nothing but a super-bloat piece of garbage.

You get your choice of two "skins" with this one: Dumbass Purple or Stupid Blue. Both look like crap.

Whenever you get a new message, your computer literally has to think about it first. Why? Because the client is way too heavy. And God forbid if some dumbass has one of those stupid "IMvironments" enabled, because when you get a message it has a tendency to oh.. I dunno.. make the client CRASH. A lot.

Verdict: Even if you have an e-mail address, this client is absolute 100% junk. If you use this, uninstall it and watch how much faster your computer runs. I'm not kidding.


So.. needless to say I quickly went back to using Digsby. Runs great. Connects to everything. No complaints.

If you're sick and tired of AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo's IM nonsense, here's some freebie alternatives guaranteed to run better than any crapstain they could program:

All four of the above will connect to AIM, Yahoo, MSN and a whole lot more - WITH NO ADS. Pretty cool, eh? Pretty cool indeed.


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