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internet apps and open source save me?

Something I was more than a little surprised at is how fast I was able to rebuild/reload my laptop. Usually it's an affair that takes the better half of a day. Not so this time. If I were to guess, I think I had the thing 100% done in just a few hours. That's actually pretty amazing.

Why was it so much shorter this time around?

Three things make this possible.

First is the OS itself. Win XP Service Pack 3 just works and needs very little afterward.

Second is the fact I now have open source apps that do the job of the pay-apps I used to use.

Third, I use a lot more web-based apps like Hotmail. When it's in the browser you don't have to install anything.

This literally cuts my install time for any OS by more than half.

Progression is good! 🙂

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