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internet stuff i used to do in the late 2000s, plus a video

I got a comment recently about the stuff I used to do back in the late 2000s when I was exclusively doing tech videos and live-streaming, and thought I'd write a few words about that.

The late 2000s is 2006-2009. Being it's 2013 as I write this, '09 was 4 years ago. Hard to believe.

2008 is when this thing called live-streaming (it can also be written without the dash) started taking off, and the field had several players. There was Yahoo! Live, Ustream, BlogTV, Stickam,, Mogulus and probably a few others.

Yahoo! Live didn't even stay around for a year. Launched February 2008, closed November 2008. Ustream is still around. BlogTV is dead and changed to YouNow which requires a Facebook login just to use it. Stickam is totally dead and closed 100% (archived screenshot). Mogulus changed their name to Livestream and is still around. is still in operation.

Yeah, I did a tech show for a few months (maybe half-a-year.. don't remember exactly) back in the late 2000s. It was on Ustream, and if I were to do a livestream again, I'd probably use the same service. If that proved to be too much of a pain in the ass, I'd use instead.

In addition to that I also did a lot of tech videos, almost all of which were screencasts. The two most popular were usually older editions of Windows and Linux.

Will I ever go back to doing stuff like that?

Unlikely. I did a retro Windows 98 video, but I don't know if I'll be doing videos like that with any sort of regularity because it's not like they're in high demand or anything like that...

...or are they? Not sure on that one.

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