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is $40 for a small clock too expensive?

clock-2In my bathroom I have a small travel clock which is attached to the wall by means of velcro. Sounds cheap but it works. This clock runs on a single AA battery, displays the time/date and day, and the best part is that it's atomic. For those who aren't aware, an atomic clock is one you never have to set because it sets itself. Very convenient.

Recently I found myself wanting another atomic clock for my desk. I wanted this one to be backlit, small and atomic.

What's the best place to shop for a clock like this? Sharper Image. I headed to the mall and found one (pictured here,) but the price is $39.95. Yikes. That's a bit expensive. However it does project the time at night to the ceiling - and that's just plain cool.

I figured there must be a cheaper version of this clock on eBay, so I headed home to see if I could locate one online. The ones I found without projectors were either too big, weren't black (either silver or white) and/or had some weird funky shape to them. The ones with projectors only projected the color red - and that's just creepy. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to see ominous looking red on the ceiling.

On top of all that, Sharper Image actually had the best price for what I wanted. It's the right size, displays the correct information and has colors I dig.

I'll probably pick up this clock tomorrow. It's $40 in the hole, but then again how often does one change clocks after buying one?

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