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Is buying guitar gear better with Amazon compared to Guitar Center?

The Tascam DP-008 I just bought was in fact purchased from Amazon, and I purchased it that way for two reasons. First, the price was lower. Second, it came with more stuff included.

Can you actually buy guitars from Amazon?

Yes, of course you can. I can get a Squier Bullet Strat or an American Standard Stratocaster or basically whatever I want direct from Amazon. Amazon is loaded with guitars, no question about it.

However, what really makes Amazon a good place to get guitars or guitar gear (like a BOSS DS-1 for example) is the shipping.

Stuff shipped to you from Amazon, especially on checkout if you see "Fulfilled by Amazon", will be a perfect box when you get it. It will be packaged properly, inside and out. Heck, even the tape used on the box will be perfect. Amazon "goes the mile" so to speak when they ship stuff.

The second best thing about getting stuff shipped from Amazon is that PO boxes are OK. There are online vendors who absolutely will not ship to PO boxes and outright deny that as a shipping option, but just about all vendors on Amazon ship to PO boxes with no complaint whatsoever. And that's awesome.

Will you save a buck or two buying from Amazon?

This is the only drawback: Not easily.

With Amazon, you have to dig into the system quite a bit to find prices that beats GC and it will take time to hunt down the best deal. But it is a good use of your time to do so to save money.

It's typical that many guitar players will only shop at online shops that just sell music gear. Well, you don't have to do that. Amazon is a great alternative, so whenever you're thinking about buying a piece of music gear or a guitar, do an Amazon search on it as well. You may save a few bucks, and the extra shipping options is a very welcome thing.

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