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ISP Follies, Hospital stuff... and employment?

I received a nastygram in my e-mail today that I was approaching my download threshold limit. Remember me just talking about that? Sigh. Well, I called WildBlue and asked if there was a way to monitor my bandwidth usage. There is. It's very hard to get to. If you happen to be a WildBlue customer, here's a link to save you from having to call support. It shows a nice bar chart. I'm thankful that there is at least a way to do this. I know exactly how I almost tapped my usage limit - it was when I downloaded those two ISO distro's for Ubuntu linux, no doubt about that.

Pop has not been released from the hospital yet. I'm going to call in a lil' while to see what's up with that. Everything is okay but for some reason they're keeping him around longer. Don't know why, but I'll find out.

I have a job interview tomorrow. Neato. Earlier today I got a callback for a résumé I sent a few weeks ago. We (the guy offering the job and myself) chatted a bit about the position. I sincerely appreciated the fact that the guy was very open and honest about what the position is, how much it pays and so on. It was very refreshing to hear that instead of having to play the guessing game, so these guys are already cool in my book. I'm looking forward to the interview tomorrow.

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