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It shall be done

A little while ago I e-mailed my ad for my biz to the RI mag. It was approved. I bought 8 weeks of advertising. It will start next week.


My feelings about advertising this time around are a bit different compared to the last time I did it - which was a long time ago... about a little over a year now? Something like that. Anyway, here's a list of my lil' hopes and dreams concerning my advertising.

Obviously, I want the ad to work and I want my phone to ring off the hook with clients wanting business. That would be great. Will that actually happen? Probably not. I'll probably get a lot of "just shopping around" people, and other businesses posing as potential customer looking for prices so they can charge 5% less - that's typical. It's really cutthroat out there in the world of business. As far as actual paying clients, I may get 2 or 3. Anything more than that and I'll be a real happy guy. It's not that I'm setting my expectations low. It's that I'm being realistic - there's a difference.

Here goes nothin'...

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