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it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane

Title of this entry is a lyric from a song about the end of it all.


Live from L.A.

Last night I checked out Brent Simon on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and it was good. The best way to describe the audience was.. how should I put this.. stunned. 🙂 But it was a good watch. It'll probably be on YouTube soon.


Tune out

Less than a year ago I used to watch so much television it was ridiculous. These days I almost never watch tv. I think the only time I do is when I'm up visiting my father in Inverness, so last night was a rare occurrence where I was staring at the glowing box.

People find it very funny/interesting/whatever when they find out I don't have cable television or satellite. All the tv I watch is free. Repeat: FREE.

Free? Really? Is there such a thing? Yes. It's called putting rabbit ears on top of your television and tuning in. That's where the phrase "tuning in" or "tune in" comes from, as in you tune your television to a channel to watch it.

It's not that I can't afford cable. I feel that you don't get your money's worth out if it.

I'll put it this way. When you go rent two movies, it's between six to ten bucks, and you get almost four solid hours of entertainment with no commercials at all. Even if the movies aren't that good, at least it doesn't come back to "haunt" you by recurrent monthly charges.

When you pay for any subscriber service (cable or satellite), you watch television that is supported by advertisements. So even though you are paying money, you still deal with ads. On top of that, there are probably only five channels you watch regularly. So essentially you're paying all this cash for five channels.

The ironic part: Ask anyone what they watch most, and it's the large network shows like Survivor. Why is it ironic? IT'S ON A FREE CHANNEL YOU COULD GET WITH RABBIT EARS.

But what about the local news, you might say. Um, yeah, they're on the channels you can get with rabbit ears, too.

Rich's fact of the day: The minimum charge for most cable television subscriber services totals up to $500 a year. That's minimum. It goes over $1000 a year for some people.

My cost: Zero.

Put up an antenna. Save a buck or two, or five hundred.


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