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it's a different park after dark

Title of this entry is an advertising phrase Busch Gardens is currently using to promote the "nightlife" at that park. One can only hope that someday soon a nice girl will whisk me away there for a day or two. 😉


The scene: Tampa Florida. One o'clock in the morning. 74° F and awesome. Drive with the windows down and no A/C because it's just about room temperature outside. Rock on.

Driving around Tampa after midnight is basically like driving just about anywhere else; The roads are clear. What would take you half an hour to get anywhere during the day takes only minutes. I find an interesting sense of peace and power when driving around in the wee hours of the night, as if the roads were cleared just for me. 🙂

Reason for my outing: Had to buy new sneakers. My old ones are wrecked. Some people are able to make sneakers last years. I can only get four to six months out of them at best.

Given the opportunity I always do my shopping after midnight. Where do I go? Wal-Mart, of course. It's the only department store open twenty-four hours a day just about everywhere. Where else can you buy shoes at one o'clock in the morning?

I (truly) love to shop after midnight because the Wal-Mart is basically empty. There's almost never a line at the checkout, no screaming kids, the aisles are clear and the noise level is almost nil. Very relaxing. Furthermore the employees that work 3rd shift hours are a whole lot nicer.

I also picked up Shrek 2 (been wanting to get that for a while). Only cost about fourteen bucks. Good deal.

My words of wisdom for today: Being nocturnal does have its advantages. 🙂


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