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iTunes on XP / New release

Since my Mac is packed up and I'm waiting for the RMA # to be e-mailed to me (which should happen tomorrow) I decided to install iTunes on XP to see if I could make it work the same way I did on the Mac.

More or less it does. It is somewhat of a memory hog like I knew it would be, but it seems to be more than stable enough to handle all my audio.

The only problem I had with it is trying to import mass amounts of MP3's into the software over the network. Anything over 200 files and it would sit there forever and/or crash, so I kept it to 50 files at a time and that worked out fine. To note, had I been copying files locally I probably wouldn't have had the issue.

I also found out something cool - I think I have enough back catalog material to release a full seven-song album without creating anything new. This doesn't mean I won't create anything new in the future, but having the existing material is a big time saver. 🙂

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