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I bought a JVC GR-D350U camcorder less than three weeks ago from Circuit City. Today, the DV port for the IEEE FireWire decided to stop working. Completely. Thinking it might have been the IEEE cable, I switched it out. Didn't work. Thinking it might have been the port on the computer, I tried it on my laptop. Didn't work. The DV port is 100% dead.

Because I purchased it over fourteen days ago, I couldn't return it for a refund to Circuit City.

I had to drive twenty-five miles out of my way just to drop this stupid thing off to a repair center. I'll get it back in a week once fixed.

If you're thinking of buying JVC, don't. This was my first JVC purchase, and it's my last. I will never buy another JVC product again as long as I live.

JVC sucks.

JVC sucks.

JVC sucks.

And did I mention.. JVC sucks.

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