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Keepin' it real (warm)

Due to recent "adventures" in the home heating depaartment, when I eventually get around to building my own place I'm definitely going to consider electric heat with a redundant kerosene backup system.

The whole reason anyone uses a fuel based home heating system to begin with is to save money. However, with the rising prices of oil it's not nearly as inexpensive as it used to be. Lots of people in New England are using wood to primarily heat their homes and use oil only as a secondary. It makes me think Why not just use electric? Now before you say "Well wait a sec there.. that's even more expensive than oil!" Not really. As of now, the cost is damned near equal. If the cost of oil continues to go up (and it will), electric will actually be cheaper in the not-too-distant future.

The only reason I'd have a redundant kerosene "monitor" backup is just in case the power goes out. If the system is designed correctly, I could actually have a generator auto-switch on the moment the power fails and if the thermostat is low enough the kero heater will turn on.

Something to definitely consider.

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