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kingdom secured (for today)

There's this little war-only-in-my-mind going on with the parking spaces in the apartment complex where I live.

I'll explain.

About fifteen feet (literally) next to my apartment are the first three parking spaces that start the row. The first one is slightly too skinny for my truck. The next one is mich larger and fits my truck very nicely. All the rest after that are normal sized.

This idiot in his piece-of-crap Chrysler PT Cruiser (or as I call it the "Pop Tart" Cruisier or "Pick-a-Turd Cruiser", take your pick) always parks his COMPACT CAR in the big spot. There is literally a half-a-car width on either side when he parks there. This leaves me to park my notably larger truck in the skinny spot (which sucks) or the other side father away from my apartment door.

Today, fortune smiled. I got what I deem to be my spot. 🙂

Even better: That idiot in his Pop Tart Cruiser arrived literally minutes after I got here today. Screw you, pal. Take your pop tart compact car and bug off.

The reason I call it a "war" is because it's always either him or me in that spot. When I get it - I'm always happy.

Today, I rule. 🙂


My sister successfully arrived at TPA yesterday, where I picked her up and transported her to Inverness to see Pop. After staying overnight I decided to come back home to avoid any would-be arguments with her about petty things (which always happens). It is better that everyone is happy, and Pop is in good hands.


Speaking of coming home.. I love it when I can come back to my apartment where everything is left exactly as it was before I departed. It is such a wonderful comforting feeling when I walk inside and everything is exactly as it should be.

I have a few friends who are desperately looking for a place to live to call their own - and I understand how every one of them feels all too well. Everyone is territorial and it starts when you're a kid, to the tune of "This is MY ROOM - stay out" and goes from there. All of us value our private space very dearly. It doesn't matter if it's small or large, ritzy or a shack, what's yours is yours.


I'm working on a funny little side project called the "girlfriend application" form, which will appear on this site later, possibly today. I think it's funny. Watch for it later on. 🙂

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