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krispy kreme

A neighbor stopped over earlier today because we had agreed to run a few errands together (hey, it saves gas).

Somehow as we were talking the subject changed to donuts. I told her that there's a Krispy Kreme right off Florida Ave.

Her: Really?

Me: Yes. And you've been living here longer than me? 🙂

So we went. I've had KK donuts before but never physically went in to a KK before. It was like any other donut shop you've seen but KK has a flavor all its own. So this is yet another one of those things that basically doesn't exist in the north that's here in Florida.

Mmmm.. donuts.. 🙂

And yes I can honestly say KK donuts are better than Dunkin' Donuts' donuts.

. . .

My big-box PC is now all put back together as it was. Still runs great (duh).

I have the "7" BrightHouse plan for my internet service. I've already noticed it completely destroys the Verizon DSL I had speed-wise. Stuff just loads way quicker, and fast is good.

. . .

This is me clicking thru craigslist personal ads:





Very wrong.


"Must love dogs"? I'm not competing with your stupid dog. Fail.


Why does your ad sound like a rehashed Hallmark card? Fail.


Really fuzzy tiny pic. Fail.

Just got out of relationship? The fact you mentioned it means you're on the rebound. Fail.

Face-only pic. Fail.

Posting a pic of something not you? Fail.

Big poofy 80s hair? Cute, but still fail.

Eh.. life goes on.

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