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Lack of visuals

I notice that a lot of people I know have digital cameras now. Some have had them for a few years(!) One thing is for certain - I really need to get one. Note that I said need because pictures are important. It documents our lives in a way.

Sadly, I barely have any pictures taken of me in my 20's. The ones I do have are scattered about from place to place. It's just really a bummer because for the years of 21 thru 28 I have basically nothing - and I'm going to regret that for the rest of my life.

This will be soon remedied - I am set on getting a digital camera. I'm going to buy a good one with the timer feature and take lots of pictures. I have got to start getting something together before my 20's are over - and that is fast approaching.

Someday I'll be able to look back at the pics I take and say "there's me at 29 - thank God I took some photos."

I can remember most of my 20's now.. but one day I won't.. and I won't have any pictures to look back on. That's.. just.. sad. (sigh)

For this year, and the rest of my life, I won't make that mistake again.

Note to my friends: If you have any pics of me any time in my 20's, please send them to me. I would really appreciate it.

[-- edit --]

I've made a decision. I'm picking up a camera today after I get out of work. No time like the present. Wal-Mart, here I come.. (grin)

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