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Latitude with attitude

update, update, update...

I’ll be getting back to writing about guitar stuff soon, but for now, a few words about the second laptop replacement.

For those not in the know, here's the very quick rundown of what happened:

  1. A lightning storm came by and fried my laptop and router, even though both were spike and surge protected behind a UPS. When lightning wants to mess up your day, it will.
  2. I ordered a replacement router and refurb Dell Latitude laptop. It arrived, but the screen had little white splotches on it, so it had to go back.
  3. I then ordered a second replacement refurb Dell Latitude laptop (model E6430s for those interested.)

During the time I was without a proper laptop, I used my backup laptop, which is a slow-as-molasses Acer Aspire One AO722 model. I used that thing during the whole time I was going back and forth getting a replacement Latitude.

The second replacement Latitude is in, so now comes The Big Question:

Does the second replacement work?

Yes. The second time was a charm. The LCD panel is fine, wireless is fine, keyboard fine, the 8GB RAM I installed works fine, the 256GB SSD I installed works fine, Windows 7 activated fine, blah blah blah yes it all works like it’s supposed to. Thank God for that.

It would appear that I've finally got a proper laptop back in the barn that works like it should.

Did anything bad happen with the return of the first one?

I did get a full refund and had no problems with the seller. Because of that, I rated the seller with 5 stars on Amazon because he did pay for the return shipping and refunded the full price with tax included. The seller made absolutely no attempt to screw me over, so he did totally earn his 5 stars for service after the sale.

True, the product didn't work 100%, but the seller gave me no hassle on the return and refund, which I did genuinely appreciate.

Did I lose any money?

No, because the seller of the first Latitude gave me a full refund, and the second Latitude cost less than the first.

Originally, I thought the second laptop was 10 bucks less than the first, but I actually only saved $8.90. Yeah, not much.

But hey, at least I didn't spend more. 🙂

In closing...

...I'm hoping this is the last I write about computers for a good long while. The replacement is in, it seems to work fine, and will hopefully continue to work fine for a long time.

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