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Lavender skies

4:17am, Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

I am sitting outside my hotel room. The sound of diesel truck big-rig's idling waiting to start their journeys can be heard closeby. Traffic is light on the road nearby.

At 6am yesterday, Pop and I headed North, truck packed with handheld GPS at the ready. We started on Interstate 395, then to Interstate 290, then Interstate 95.

The first few hours were uneventful. We listened to sports AM stations along the way. All of them were talking about how Manny Ramirez is a dope in one way or another. I don't follow sports that much. All I know is that Manny was happy to stay with the 'Sox.

Rest stop: New Hampshire border. Not a bad place. It was clean.

Pop and I marveled at how accurate his Garmin Rino 120 GPS handheld was. It was able to pinpoint our exact location to within twenty-six feet!

We hit New Hampshire and then it rained. Hard. There was spray all over the road and from other vehicles. This stayed constant for around an hour. I had said at one point "I hope the whole trip isn't like this." During the rain the radio was turned off.

Rest stop: Somewhere near Portsmouth, NH, I think. Not as clean as the first one, but still okay. It was still rainy outside.

One hour later, the rain stops (a sign of good things to come?)

Rest stop: Kittery, ME - I am very familiar with this welcome center and have been here many times before in the past. They seemed to have moved the smoking section twenty-five feet more away from the building compared to when I last remembered... The reason for stopping is so Pop can grab some real estate crap just in case we discover anything else we might want to take a look at while we're up here. We also confirm our location by looking at the big map on the glass desk to get our bearings. A very helpful guy who works there indicates that we want Exit 157 for Newport after speaking with him.

I noticed immediately that the nature of people is much friendlier the farther you go North. I liked that.

Back on I-95.

Two delays are encountered. Both of them are I-95 construction related. Pop and I notice a sea of orange barrels. Seriously, they're everywhere. We must have seen at least a couple hundred of these things. They went on so long in the distance that it gave you field effect. Damn!

Traffic stops.


Eventually we make it through. At least it's not raining. Traffic resumes.

Rest stop: Twenty-three miles from destination. I'm hungry. We stop at Burger King and pollute ourselves appropriately.

We arrive at our destination a small while later.

I *thought* that we were going straight to a Motel to rest before seeing houses. Nope. We went straight to the realtor. I wasn't too happy about that, but, whatever, that's what we came here for.

We get to the realtor's office without issue. A guy by the name of Kim is going to show us the properties. Yeah. "Kim". He seems legit.

First property: Log cabin. Sucked. The tiniest two-floored house I've ever seen. We beat feet out of there fast.

Second property: Two acre gambrel. Very nice. House is in decent condition. View is spectacular. Problems are as follows. 1) NO CABLE TV! There isn't even any coaxial wire going from the poles to the house. 2) Kerosene and wood heat only - no baseboard. Definitely a problem. 3) Several unfinished portions of the house. It appears they ran out of money trying to prepare this one for sale maybe?

Even with those issue, the second house was *way* better than the first one. We told the realtor we'd be interested in it. Who knows, maybe we can get baseboard heat in there for a reasonable price.

After that part ways with the realtor, get a hotel and get two single rooms. About forty bucks a room. Not bad. Pretty cheap, actually.

I crash for a few hours.

We then go to dinner to a restaurant across the street. I ordered something simple, just boneless chicken strips. They were good. Not great. Just good. Waitress was a really cute redhead with a nice tiny girly voice. She might have not been a redhead... the color of her hair didn't look exactly natural. Her voice made up for that.

Came back to the hotel. Crashed. Out like a light. Woke up at 3:45am or thereabouts.

I can hear the birds singing as I finish this. Air is clean. Sky is dark lavender - no sun yet. Looks awesome.

Looks like home.. maybe.

7:43pm, Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

Got back home about a half-hour ago. Weather was much more agreeable on the way back. The trip was uneventful - that's a good thing.

We left at around 1:30pm. I am dead tired right now. Soon after I write this I'm going to lie down and put my head to the pillow a lot earlier than I usually do.

It was a good trip. The handheld GPS unit performed way better than I ever could have hoped. I'm looking forward to the next trip, because I'll have my new Garmin i3 by then. Yeah!


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