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Leave it to an insurance company to (attempt to) ruin a good thing

From Hacking GPS:

A survey by Privilege Insurance has polled 2000 drivers and come up with some scary findings.

First, they found that 19% of drivers who use an in-car GPS lost concentration while driving, compared to 17% who read maps. It also seems that motorists that use GPS would take their eyes off the road for 10 seconds when traveling at 60 MPH, which equates to driving the length of two football pitches without paying attention to the road.

One in 10 motorists with GPS set off on journeys without bothering to programme their route into the GPS while and more than half admitted they had then had to take their eyes off the road to input the details while driving.

My response: Very typical of an insurance company to do something like this. If there is any excuse they need to raise rates, they'll find it.

Furthermore, the poll is flawed. Why? Because the insurance company performed the poll, the poll results were not scientific fact whatsoever.

To Priviledge Insurance, I say unto thee: You're a bunch of idiots trying to find a way to raise rates by indirectly stating that having mobile GPS is a liability. And yes, you are trying to say that. If you want anyone to believe you, try getting actual scientific data from a reputable organization other than yourselves, not "your research". Until then, your "findings" are biased and flawed.

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