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like a boomerang i need a repeat

Title of this entry comes from a little band down in Texas.

Weather stuff

It's 91° F (33° C) outside right now and very comfortable. My lil' weather tracker shows a "severe" storm warning until 5:30pm which is five minutes from now as I write this, so it will be over soon.

Were I back in Connecticut right now, 91° would be really, really hot. Here in FL it feels much nicer. The old saying "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" has a loud ring of truth to it. As a matter of fact I just checked the weather where I used to live. Ninety-seven degrees F. Ouch. Nasty.

It is due to New England humidity that I grew to loathe summers. Now I don't mind them so much. 😉

Music stuff

A rather interesting thing about my music stuff lately is all the accolades I've received since putting down the guitar as my primary instrument and going back to the synth. Right before I moved to Florida I made a decision to make the keys primary and it's really been a wonderful experience.

It's funny.. for years I tried like heck to focus as a guitar player, but now I have some very good clout as a synth player - and it all happened in less than three months. Very surreal, to say the least. I am extremely appreciative of all who like my ivory tickling. 🙂

I have newfound confidence in my composing abilities which is inspiring me to write more music. Before the end of August I will be releasing some more tunes. Watch for it!

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