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A few changes are coming soon to so I'm writing this to alert my readers so they don't freak out.

The blog will remain mostly the same but I'm going to divide the site into separate (sorta/kinda) sections for easier access. It's really difficult to describe how these sections will work, but once you see them you'll say "Oh. This is really easy." Yeah, that's the whole point. 🙂

Recently I've been checking out some of the more popular tech bloggers out there and it's my feeling they've got their design wrong. And I mean completely wrong. These supposedly smart guys who use all the social media they can possibly get their grubby mitts on moosh it into their personal web sites. And yeah, it's a big pile of mush turning their sites into slow-loading behemoths that tick people off left and right.

These guys embed everything. Flickr, YouTube, Ustream, blah blah frickin' blah. WRONG. Haven't these guys ever heard of text links? You know.. hyperlinks? Yeah, those things. Evidently this is a foreign concept to tech bloggers. Social media tries so desperately to make sites that load nice'n'quick and are easy to use. But then the tech guys MASH all this stuff into a sidebar.

Again: Wrong.

Link it. That's what links are for. If you want to identify the links easily, put a little icon next to it. Really, really simple guys.

My upcoming semi-redesign is going to weigh in heavily on hyperlinks. They load fast, they work and there's no need to embed every single frickin' thing in the universe on a sidebar. Want to get creative? You can use little icons. Those are okay because they're quick. But once you start mashing in a crapload of JavaScript and Flash... sheesh. Haven't we learned enough about design over the years to know not to do that? Have you guys ever seen Web Pages That Suck? Go read that. Then bow your head in shame and redesign your site so it LOADS FAST for a change.

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