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little joys

After 5 years of faithful service, my shower tension bar (as in the thing that holds up the shower curtain) was starting to rust on the inside. When I went to clean my curtain recently, I took the bar down, expanded it a bit and yep, rust. It happened because this was a really cheap bar that was bought for 6 or 7 bucks originally. The fact I got 5 years out of it is pretty amazing, now that I think about it.

This time around I bought a 10-dollar chromed tension bar, and also decided to ditch my plastic shower curtain rings with metal ones. Nothing too fancy, just a 6-dollar set.

I never knew how much easier it is to draw open or closed a shower curtain when the bar is chromed and the curtain rings are metal. It was easy to open before, but now it's almost effortless.

Little things like that make me happy, what can I say. 🙂

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