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little life truths of the moment

Never use a credit card that doesn't have some kind of pay-you-back type of reward for usage. Most major credit card companies have cards that offer "rewards" or "dividends". Use them if you use credit cards.

If using cash, fold your money properly. Have you never noticed that when you see someone using crinkled-up nasty looking cash, you think "What a bum"? That's what other people think of you when you do the same thing. Don't do it. Appearance does count for your cash.

More often than not, driving somewhere using non-highway roads takes the same amount of time as using highways and interstates. And the view is usually better when off the interstate.

Seeking out the shortest line at the checkout only means you'll be standing in front of someone who tries to use a credit card that won't work, requiring a manager or some other lowly employee to come over to "unlock" the register. It's common that you'll wait longer in the shortest line compared to waiting in the longest line.

Having a coffee/tea mug you care about is important, even if the mug is plain white. Why? Because it's your mug. And if someone tries to use your mug, smack 'em.

Reason why buying tires from a major dealership is cost effective: Most offer free tire rotations for the life of the tire. You're supposed to do that every 6,000 miles, and if you had to pay for it outright, it would cost you upwards of $40 to $60 each time done properly.

As long as their are cars, AM and FM radio will never die. The next time you're traveling somewhere, turn on the radio. You might find something you like. And it's free.

Other than nerds, no one remembers anything that happened on the internet six months ago (and no, going back thru your blog to check doesn't count).

Do you blog? Consider publishing a book yourself (free) and advertise it on your blog. You could actually make some money from what you write. This is what's called "being productive." 🙂  If you have nothing to type up your book, go get OpenOffice or AbiWord. Both are free.

The best time to drive: One hour before dawn on a Sunday. There's no traffic and criminal activity is at a bare minimum if it even exists at that hour, because darn it, crooks need sleep too.

Where to go to when driving one hour before dawn: Places to get all your shopping done, such as Wal-Mart SuperCenters.

When you get back from your shopping duties, the sun will be appearing over the horizon. One word describes that sight: Peace.

Worst time to drive: High noon on any day of the week.

Easy way to get a smile: Realize there's always someone fatter than you.


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