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livin' in the sunlight (again)

Well, it looks like I will be getting a power sunroof for my truck before furniture. Yeah, my priorities are warped sometimes, but I really want that roof. 🙂

I called around a few shops today and got a price. $856.00 installed - and that's including tax. Very good price. This is full power, with privacy sunshade, built-in flap to deflect air, power button; the works.

The place that will be installing the roof has been doing it for many years. The guy I spoke with on the phone was extremely knowledgable about the subject - including what can and moreover what can't be installed on an extended cab pickup truck. I was impressed.

This roof will come with a full three-year/thirty-six thousand mile warranty which covers everything except blatant neglect (i.e. never cleaning it, throwing a brick thru it, etc.)

The only drawback to installing an electric roof on a truck is that it has to be minimum-sized. The dimensions are 19x32, which is in fact is larger than compact sized (16x30 usually), but not nearly as big as the panoramic roofs (30x45 and up). Still, it's better than nothing. I believe this roof will be larger than the one I had on my Alero, and if that's the situation - that's fine by me.

Small side note: If you want the really huge sunroofs, the best vehicles to put those on are vans, minivans, SUV's and station wagons. They have the huge roof area.

This roof for my '05 Canyon will be a spolier roof, like the Alero's was. This is where glass goes above the roofline when opened. They are less expensive than in-built sunroofs.

Yes, I could spend my money on much more practical things like furniture, but hey.. this is Florida. A big reason I moved here was for more sun and I want all I can get. 🙂

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