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lol 2.0


This word is defined as the absence of mental stress or anxiety.

On the internet however, peace means "screw you, bye".

People know that I hate LOL. But now there's a LOL 2.0, and it's called peace.

Oftentimes you will see a moron end something with "go screw urselves" followed by "peace" or "peace out".

Something just doesn't seem to gel with that. Can't put my finger on it. Oh, wait, I know what it is. You don't tell somebody to go screw themselves then use peace afterward as a get-out-of-fail-free card.

This is why peace is LOL 2.0, because like LOL, peace when used like this means the exact opposite of what it's supposed to mean.

Don't use peace like that. Ever. Do so and you're stupid.

And if you don't think peace users are stupid, this guy made the following genius parody video. Watch and learn.

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