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long, cold winter approaching

I had heard earlier this year that it's going to be a very bitter winter this year. It's already started to happen, and the effects can even be felt here in Tampa Bay Florida.

For those of you wondering what winter is like in my part of Florida, here's the summary. The chance of snow is slim to none (usually none), and ordinarily there is only one week out of the year where the temperature goes below freezing, and it only happens at night. "Cold" for here is anything under 68F/20C.

It's late October right now, and for the past week or so I've had to turn on the heater a few times. To have to do that in October in Florida is weird, because you ordinarily don't have to start doing that until November. At the coldest point of the night in the wee hours of the morning today (between 2am and 3am), the temperature dipped to 53.6F/12C. For Tampa Bay Florida, that's cold for October. Obviously, it's nowhere near cold enough to frost, but it's noticeable.

Up in the little southern New England town where I grew up (and regularly communicate with a friend who still lives there), the low temperature at around the same time was 27F/-2.8C, so yep, they had a frost this morning which did not burn off until almost 10am... October.

Yeah, I know October is almost over, but the predictions were right and it will be a cold one this year.

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