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Maybe it's the stress?

Since last night I have felt terrible. I'm not exactly sick, but I feel extremely fatigued. Yesterday morning was extremely stressful and that may have something to do with it. My back has been feeling sore and I have a little bit of nausea.

During the course of the day I have started to feel better. My back is not even a tenth as sore as it was this morning, and the nausea has subsided a bit.. not fully, but a bit.

This is weird for me because it is extremely rare that I get fatigued in any fashion due to stress. I'm simply not convinced it was the stress. Maybe it was something I ate. Maybe something else. I have no idea. All I do know is that my body and general mindset are returning to normal which is a good tihng.

Oh, small note: Those who visit this site regularly will notice the right sidebar is gone. It was slowing down the site (I had some PHP crap in there) so I removed it.

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