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It's amazing how much CRAP you have to go thru just to get a simple thing to work.

This is what I wanted to get to work: Show the current temperature for Tampa, in text, on the sidebar of my blog.

Simple enough, right?

Pff.. you wish. 🙂

NOAA provides METAR data access to anyone who wants it. All you have to know is the ICAO location indicator for region (which I do) and then put together a lil' PHP script to grab the data.

The problem is that the METAR data is different dependent on what ICAO location indicator you use.

So anyway I've been messing around with some PHP scripts I found to do the utterly simple thing of showing the current temperature in Fahrenheit.

I cannot believe how much CRAP I'm having to do just to have that tiny lil' bit of data.

So you may be asking at this point "Um.. why? You can just use free weather graphics from other sites."

I don't want graphics. I want plain text. From NOAA. Directly. It loads really really fast, doesn't slow down my site and never goes down.

If I get it to work you'll see it on the sidebar.

-- edit --

I got it to work. Yippy-ki-yay. You can see it on the sidebar. Don't know if I'll keep it around or not but it's cool to have.

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