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migration off flickr almost complete

For a few days now I've been migrating all my images back to being locally hosted instead of having them on Flickr. This has been a huge pain in the ass. The last time I had this much aggravation was when I switched from MovableType to WordPress.

The reason for migrating back was for cost reasons. I don't feel like renewing my yearly subscription to Flickr.

But now I have a second reason: Dead image links.

As I've been migrating I've noticed more than a few posts that had the infamous "This image is not available" b.s. I had forgotten that if you modify a Flickr image in any way, the embed link changes and therefore results in a dead image link for the old one. The posts I found that had these have been this way for months and I didn't even know it until now. That ticked me off.

Downloading the entire Flickr collection was a nightmare, and manually editing each post that has an embedded Flickr image has proven to be even more of a nightmare.

I swear, I am never off-hosting anything ever again unless I deem it to be throw-away material. This migration has wasted so much of my frickin' time it's ridiculous.

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