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On a recommendation from my boss I tried out Mint. Ordinarily I get freaked out by any site that asks for fiscal information, however this one is TrustE and Verisign certified - neither of which are easy to acquire (and are both wicked expensive to boot). Furthermore it's mentioned in a ton of money mags and recommended as a good solid product. And it's free besides that.

I like it so far and have learned a few things.

I spend way too much cash at fast food places and Dunkin' Donuts. I won't say how much because it's just plain embarrassing (at least to me), but I will say that in a month's time the combined total of those costs equals half of what I pay for my apartment rent.

That is so, so sad.

The spending analyzer (labeled as "Trends" in Mint) is definitely doing its job. Without it I wouldn't have seen how much cash I was wasting on stupid crap.

With this newfound knowledge that I otherwise wouldn't have known (unless I did the calculations myself) thru Mint, I probably would have continued to squander cash and been none the wiser.

I find the Trends feature the best part because it shows everything in a nice easy-to-read pie chart (or bar if you prefer). Categories are broken down into subcategories, so you have your "overall" pie, then by clicking on a piece drill down further and so on.

One thing's for sure. I'm seriously cutting down my D.D. trips and replacing the fast food crap with food I'll make myself. 🙂

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