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moments of great stupidity

I could use a cup of coffee right now.

Where's my mug?

WHERE'S MY #*&@$* MUG?!

In the kitchen maybe? Nope. Not in the sink. Not in any of the cupboards. Bathroom? Nope. Not in there.

I'm starting to panic. I've had this mug for years. It's my favorite mug in the whole world as we know it.

Maybe it's in the living room. Could it be in this box? Nah, can't be in there.. but.. I'll look anyway. Drat. Not in there either.

I am so mad right now. Must have been a thief. Yes, must have been. I have two laptop computers, one big computer, a 20-inch monitor, several guitars, but NO.. the thief stole my mug. Why would anyone steal my mug? Was it worth more than I thought it was?

O mug, please come back.

Depression is setting in now. My mug is gone. My mug. I can't find it.


Well, I guess sometimes things vanish for no reason.

I think I'll go out and check the mail.

Yep. A couple letters here. Nothing special. Time to walk back to my apartment and have a coffee out that stupid black mug I have.

I'll go put these letters away, but first I'll make coffee in that aforementioned stupid black mug.

Wait a sec.. microwave.. MICROWAVE..

A-HA! THERE YOU ARE. Sitting in the microwave because I was planning to make a cup yesterday, put you in the microwave to heat the water and forgot all about it.

Yes, I'm stupid. But happy. And relieved.

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