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Monday bits

Red Sox win - again!

I rarely follow sports, but I learned the Red Sox won the World Series again, and that's cool. No matter where I am, the Sox, Celtics and Patriots will always be my home teams.

Big Mac

My boss bought a Mac Pro over the weekend. Yes, the big tower one that costs $2,500. He is intent on making a switch to Mac over PC's with Windows but is encountering a slight learning curve with OS X, such as the fact Macs don't have eject buttons for CD/DVD trays/slots, context menus for programs are always at the top, install/uninstall is a bit different, and so on.

However, kudos to my boss for having the balls to pony up and actually buy the Mac - because there are some other bloggers who are supposedly pro-Mac but are too cheap to actually put down the hard cash for a Mac Pro.

As an aside, I've decided not to get a Mac. I was going to get the 24-inch monitor'd iMac but when I found out that I'd have to buy $1000+ worth of software after the computer purchase just to do what I do now in Windows XP, I said "Uh.. no thanks."

Speaking of Windows..

I ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and it said that all my hardware is a-okay for the upgrade but two programs may not work. I checked it out and one had a patch available, the other said on its web site the software will work without issue.

Still, I'm very hesitant to upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium. I have the proper "horsepower" to run it, but man.. XP just runs so well..

I really don't have a need to run Vista. I just want it because it's new - and that's the worst reason in the world to upgrade anything on a computer, therefore I'm not getting it. 😉

A music update (finally)

Over the past week or so I've been working on some hard rock-ish material with some guys (and girl) up in Palm Bay. Yesterday I finally finished the first real draft of the song I was working on. The rest of the band likes it so far.

If it works out this may lead to other good stuff. Or not. I dunno. I have faith it will. 🙂

More on Windows Live Writer

I am seriously digging Windows Live Writer for my blogging. This is absolutely the best app I've ever used for writing on blogs. Not only does it look and act much like a word processor (a good thing,) but adding things like photos, videos and so on is a breeze. In addition to that, it "understands" a lot of WordPress-specific stuff too. I'm likin' it a lot.

To note: Live Writer is not just for MSN/Live Spaces. It does work on WordPress easily and will probably work just as easy on Blogger, LiveJournal and others. If you blog a lot, try it out - you may like it. I sure do.

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